Imagine being able to travel back in time and see the iconic buildings of West Chester University's past, from the era before the Quad was listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites, when the campus community took for granted how wonderful its Quad really was.

We've dug through the the many sources available in WCU's Special Collections Library in order to share the heritage of the Quad. Explore the buildings, individuals, clubs, and communities that we--the students of History 480--think are the most fascinating. We've done all the hard work for you, so relax, wander around the Quad, and travel back in time through the iconic buildings of our campus.

We present six buildings, including one back from the rubble, allowing you to see West Chester University (and West Chester Normal School, and West Chester Teacher's College, and West Chester State College) as it was. Please explore our collection, featuring Old Main Hall, Philips Memorial Hall, Old Library, Anderson Hall, Ruby Jones Hall, and Recitation Hall. Our exhibit includes photographs from WCU's history, primary sources that elucidate important events and individuals, and insights from us. This is a students' history of West Chester University.